Cordelia Noe

Cordelia Noe

Founder of The Art Gorgeous

Hong Kong

How and when did you first become involved in the art world?

While still at university I started to work for a bluechip dealer in Munich who provided me the first insight into the art world - with no doubt he had a very special approach on what he did. If you really want to dig back, my grandfather was publishing guides about local churches and religious art, so I remember canvases of various saints hanging everywhere.

What do you think of today's art market? How has it changed in last 10 years?

It is about to open up and reaches a much wider audience than before. It`s more about social happenings and fairs as events. Especially Instagram totally shook the old system up. It`s quite a big deal for an artist to show their creations directly and reach so much more people than via a small scale gallery show.

What role does the collector play in the world of today´s contemporary art?

He or she is still the one who can support and speed up the career of young artists. 

Why do you think people begin to collect art?

The purchase of the first works has a variety of reasons:From the purpose of investment to personal connections to a particular artist or his works etc. However, at some point ideally it becomes a passion fuelled by individual energy; not just a passive collecting mode.

How would you describe the contemporary art scene in Hong Kong?

As for galleries, there is now literally everyone of the major players with his foot in the door, but local artists still don’t make too much of a global noise and we all know about the development of the new museums…. If you are next in town, its absolutely worth planning a trip to Shenzhen and visit the new branch of V&A, Designsociety

What advice might you give to aspiring collectors?

Buy what you like. Train your eye. Follow people with a similar taste on IG ;)

Has social media had any impact upon the art market?

Oh yes, as mentioned before, Instagram has totally changed the game: Galleries can survive with just a digital presence, artist can DM a collector without a dealer, readers can see interiors of collectors homes.

Does PR play an important role in an artist’s carreer?

In the sense of an PR Agency? Not too sure. Better do your own promotion well and connect with the relevant crowd.

What are your top 5 must-see art events or exhibitions of 2018?

I haven’t planned too much ahead but cant wait for YSL Museum in Marrakesh as well as for the inaugural edition of Bangkok Biennial.

Which 5 emerging artists should we be keeping a look out for in 2018?

you better watch closely whom we interview for ;) These are the ones.

Is there any project that you have been involved with and feel a certain pride over?

We are thrilled about the positive feedback regarding our digital and print editorials. The idea is to open up the art world and making it more accessible. It seems to work and we have numerous enquiries for speaking on panels, media collaborations or content exchange from refinery29 - Vogue. That makes me very satisfied.