Contemporary Art Station Announces First Edition of ‘Shibuya Station Exhibition’

World leading Art Brand ‘Contemporary Art Station’ is pleased to announce a 7 days exhibition display in Tokyo Metro, Fukutoshin - Line Shibuya Station, Tokyo. Don’t miss out!

Contemporary Art Station announced today about the company’s 7 days Art Exhibition event for emerging and established international artists to showcase their art works to the world. At the Exhibition ground artists will display their works in billboard posters.

The great Exhibition will offer latest insights in contemporary art in paintings, photography, mixed media, illustration, sculptures and digital art.

The 7 days Exhibition event will be displayed exclusively at Tokyo Metro, Fukutoshin - Line Shibuya Station, Tokyo. Tokyo Metro is known to be Asia’s all-encompassing street culture convention with lifestyle showcase platform. The Exhibition will unite all sectors of arts in a consumer trade show that will showcase only the best of art works in Asia and around the world. The event will witness a collaborative piece of art titled ‘Shibuya Station Exhibition’.

The collaborative Exhibition will witness works of Stefan Jellheden from Sweden, the expression of hope for the world on the floral collages of Kat Kleinman from the United States, the preservation of the legacy of Hong Kong through Jackson Lee paintings and the experimental fine art photography artworks representing the inherent not yet by Ursa Schoepper from Germany.

The Exhibition will also witness works from other known artists like Lida Sherafatmand, Brooke Krumbeck, Ieva Kaminskaite, Menno Vos, Sarah Ashmun, Francesco Ruspoli, Edoardo Amati, Joan Siem, Eriko Kaniwa, Luisa Barba, Carol Brown, Michelle Purves, Maria Teresa Guala, Bo Song, Alexander Saner, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Fabian Perez, Dario Yamamoto.

The Exhibition is known to be one that will stand the test of times and will foster awesome experiences and values where people will get to know about Contemporary Art Station and also enjoy rejuvenating atmosphere. The exhibits will be located near the ceramic mural ‘Kira Kira Shibuya’ by Koji Kinutani, created in 2008 with posters on display at the tube station from March 5 to March 11, 2019, covering the Tokyo Art Fair dates.

Contemporary Art Station exhibition will turn the Tokyo based underground railway station into an art exhibition of 42 curated artists from all over the world, where the brand ‘Contemporary Art Station’ will showcase its key players of the industry raising their visibility and connecting with customers.

Contemporary Art Station Contemporary Art Station is a licensed art company based in London and Tokyo, the platform provides a medium for both emerging and established artists to display their works in public space. The company is basically designed to showcase the work and value offered by some of the best artists in the world. Exhibiting the works of selected artists in curated exhibitions and at the same time in engaged in big-scale audience artist promotion. Its mission is to be the most trusted platform that will showcase the work of talented artists for years to come.

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Images :

© Eriko Kaniwa

© Kat Kleinman

© Stefan Jellheden

© Lida Sherafatmand