TAX Collection

What do you think of today's art market? How has it changed in last 5 years? 

- Today's art market is extremely interesting, especially with all of the massive changes over the past few years. When we first started out, not many galleries were really receptive to working with us, as people generally did not value Instagram and its massive influence in art. Really, the only gallery who took a chance on us in the beginning was Guy Hepner, as he was working with a slew of Instagram curators for exciting shows when the platform was still relatively new. Since then, I think galleries have caught on that whether they like it or not, Instagram and the internet are an important tool 

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Jennifer Terzian

Social media has seemingly played an increasingly large role for the art market. Is it just a matter of hype?  

Social media has an enormous amount of influence on the art market, specifically, the contemporary art market. Here we have a platform for the exchanging of ideas and images between artists, curators and collectors; we have access to photos of private collections, the whereabouts of famous collectors, the gallery openings...the action is endless.

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Víctor Lope

Emerging art is a tricky thing. How are you able to identify potential?

It is all about “educating the eye”. You have to see art constantly, visiting art fairs and galleries in several cities, going to museums, navigating in art portals...after that training, you identify potential at first glance.

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Evan Chow

Where does your interest in art originate?  

My interest in art initially was inspired from my family, as my great grandparents, grandparents and parents were great collectors of Chinese ink art, antiques and ceramics. Since young, I have always enjoyed contemporary art and design. I have been visiting ArtHK, before it become Art Basel in 2013, and developed a keen interest from there.

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Christian Lepsien

What first inspired you to start collecting art?

It was in 1999 while I was living in Cologne. There, I met a collector who brought the works of Jörg Immendorff, Markus Lüpertz, A. R. Penck etc. to my attention. This is when the torch paper was lit and I started to explore these artists, researching their background and artistic works. I started looking for artwork I could afford because my budget was, at the time, fairly small and limited. 

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Kourosh Nouri

What is your opinion on the art fair boom that has taken hold in recent years? 

That is one of the disasters of our times, the boom is only creating 9 to 5 jobs for a group of people, LOL.  I Don’t even think it’s a good business model for fair owners… it’s almost to a point becoming a laughing matter. I am being very clear about this; as long as there is a zero-countability in a part of an industry, the ramifications become disastrous. At this stage this is the approach of the majority of art fairs.

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Cordelia Noe

How and when did you first become involved in the art world?

While still at university I started to work for a bluechip dealer in Munich who provided me the first insight into the art world - with no doubt he had a very special approach on what he did. If you really want to dig back, my grandfather was publishing guides about local churches and religious art, so I remember canvases of various saints hanging everywhere.

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